Mecca Maxima’s New Wintergarden Store + Opening Day

Mecca Maxima’s New Wintergarden Store + Opening Day

Last Friday the 15th of September, Mecca Maxima opened a brand new store on queen st mall in the Wintergarden Centre.  Now, this wasn’t just another store, it is their biggest store yet!  Of course being a makeup and beauty fanatic, this was exciting news!

Opening Day

The opening day for this store was a bit crazy (but in a good way!).  They had 1000 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes to giveaway to the first 1000 people in the door that made a purchase.  As you can imagine, this enticed beauty lovers all around Brisbane to camp out overnight and get in line in the early hours of the morning to score the $83 palette.  I am starting to regret not camping out like others did!

Im glad that I decided to wait in a way (although I did miss out on the Mecca goodie bag and urban decay palette).  The line up until around midday was still HUGE.  However, I ended up beating the line after lunch time and was able to enjoy the massive new store with more ease than I may of earlier in the day.

I really loved the vibes of this store opening.  The staff were also very friendly and made it such a fun day with a live dj outside the store and beautiful pink carpet.  I wish every day felt like this!

Mecca Maxima Queen St Opening Day

The Wintergarden Store

Mecca Maximas Wintergarden Store is amazing.  It has two separate levels (separated with a small staircase) with beauty and make up galore.  In my local mecca store, there is only one shelf/section for each brand, but in the Wintergarden store, I found at least two sections for brands like Too Faced & Nars.  A few other features that I loved was shelving for Mecca Favourites & Best Sellers and also a section for featured palettes.  They really made this store an exciting shopping experience.

Mecca Maxima Wintergarden Store Brisbane Make Up Store

Another amazing feature of the new mega store is the huge beauty station in the middle of the store where I saw beauty lovers getting make up lessons.  I am not too sure if this is a new feature to Mecca but it looked like so much fun!

Mecca Maxima Wintergarden Store

I won makeup!

An extra bonus for me was that I actually won something, for the first time ever!  For the first 1933 purchases on the day (I think over a certain $ amount), you get to play the Mecca Beauty Bank where you pick a draw and get a prize.  The prizes on offer were products like lipsticks, palettes, etc and also gift cards!  Out of the Mecca Beauty Bank I managed to win a Too Faced Palette worth $52!  I was absolutely ecstatic as Too Faced is one of my favourite brands.  I loved the idea for this and I thought it was such a fun and generous idea by Mecca.

Mecca Maxima Wintergarden Store

And there is still more..

What really got me scurrying to Mecca on Friday was also the exclusive, limited edition launch of Ciate London x Chloe Morcello’s Beauty Haul Volume II Eyeshadow Palette Set.  This was only available at the queen st store for one day only.  I saw the shades and I knew I had to own it!  This was such an exciting experience as well.  If you live in Australia like myself, and you are addicted to make up, we more often than not get beauty products later (and sadly sometimes never) than countries like the United States.  So this really made my day!  I will also be writing a review on the eyeshadow palette, so make sure you are following me on my blog or social media for an update.

Ciate London x Chloe Morello's Beauty Haul Volume II


The new store launch was such a great way to start the weekend and a big shoutout to Mecca Maxima for bringing such an amazing store to the heart of Brisbane.  I will definitely be back!

If you haven’t been to the new store yet, or if you have travel plans for Brisbane, put this Mega Beauty Palace on your to do list.  On another note, if there is a Mecca Maxima opening near you, I highly recommend going to an opening day and scoring some great prizes!

Have you been to the new store yet?  Let me know in the comments below what you think of Meccas new store.

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