Must Have Make Up Tool Checklist – Do You Own Them All? 

Must Have Make Up Tool Checklist – Do You Own Them All? 

You may have 50+ Lipsticks, Glow Galore and all the latest eyeshadow palettes but what about the extra helpful tools that make applying make up just that little bit easier.  I have compiled a list of my top 9 beauty tools to help you apply your make up that little bit easier. 

1. Cotton Tips

Cotton tips can easily clean up mascara and lipstick mishaps.  By using a cotton tip, you can clean up those small mistakes without ruining the rest of your make up. 

2. Sticky Tape

Achieve an amazing eyeliner wing by sticking a small piece of tape to the side of your eye to carve out the perfect line.

3. Eyeliner Pencil Brush

Try using a gel or creme eyeliner with an eyeliner pencil brush.  This helps to really get the lining under your eye perfect without trying to deal with eye pencils and crayons.

4. Eyebrow Spooly

This is a great tool to train and tame your eyebrows in the right direction.  If you have very little eyebrow hair, you will find this especially helpful as it actually thickens the look of your brows. 

5. Eyebrow Stencils

If you have trouble achieving the perfect brow, try using eyebrow stencils.  Usually they will come in a pack so you have a few different options to play around with.  

You can buy a pack of stencils from E.l.f, Anastasia Beverly Hills and you can also find them on eBay.

6. Baby Shampoo

Don’t feel like buying an expensive brush cleaner or simply don’t want to wait 7 days for it to be delivered in the mail?  Head down to your local store and buy baby shampoo.  It works just as well (sometimes even better) than make up brush shampoos.  And it doesn’t break the bank. 

7. Mini Eyebrow Scissors

Stop plucking and start trimming!  Just like our hair, our eyebrows need a trim too.  Use an eyebrow brush first to tame the brows in place and trim those longer brow hairs for a neater look. 

8. Tweezers

Contradictory to what I said previously, if you want a sharp eyebrow shape, then make sure to have good quality tweezers on hand.  

9. Lip Balm

Whether you’re in the dryer months or you are planning on wearing a matte lipstick, having lip balm on hand is a must.  

How many of these make up tools do you own?  Is there a make up tool that I haven’t listed here?  Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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